The cucumber is a creeping vine that roots in the ground and grows up trellises or other supporting frames, wrapping around supports with thin, spiraling tendrils. The plant may also root in a soilless medium and will sprawl along the ground if it does not have supports. The vine has large leaves that form a canopy over the fruits. The fruit of typical cultivars of cucumber is roughly cylindrical, but elongated with tapered ends, and may be as large as 60 centimeters (24 in) long and 10 centimeters (3.9 in) in diameter.[citation needed] Botanically speaking, the cucumber is classified as a pepo, a type of botanical berry with a hard outer rind and no internal divisions. Much like tomato and squash, it is often perceived, prepared and eaten as a vegetable. Cucumber fruits are usually more than 90% water.


English Name : Cucumis sativus
Urdu Name : kheere
Botanical Name : Cucumis sativus

Lettuce Oil - QUALITY DATA

Appearance and Color

Dark Golden Color

Taste and Odor 

Most people report a mild, almost watery or light melon aroma and flavor of cucumbers

Free Fatty Acid

120 - 130

Iodine Value

120 - 130



Peroxide Value


Reflective Index at 40°C

1.483 to 1.490

Saponification Value


Specific Gravity at 15°C


Unsaponifiable Matter 


Extracted solely from the seeds of non-GMO cucumbers, this oil is cold pressed and refrigeration for this one, whether opened or not, for long term storage Shelf Life: 2 Years

Health Benefits of Cucumber oil

Cucumber oil is primarily used in topical applications on the skin, and the biggest benefits include pore detoxification and general toning as well as improved moisture and wrinkle elimination.

When used for prolonged periods it can also reduce inflammation on the skin, which can lower the incidences of things like acne and rashes. The oil is widely available in many places and is often sold as a natural remedy, but it doesn’t always get good results for everyone.

People with very sensitive skin sometimes react badly to the oil despite its general mildness, and it’s usually recommended that prospective users test the oil on a small patch of their skin before applying it widely to the face or other areas.

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