Fish Meal 65%

Fish Meal 65% Exporters in Pakistan

NaumanSab Oil Company is the exporter of fish meal 65 in Pakistan. Fish meal with 65% protein encompasses a diverse array of nutrients inherent to animal tissue. It plays a vital role in maintaining the essential functions of metabolism, growth, and reproduction in animals. Furthermore, its inclusion in feed formulations enhances feed utilization rates, thereby facilitating animal growth. Additionally, fish meal contributes to bolstering the immune system of animals, thereby improving their resistance to diseases. As a result, it stands as an indispensable source of high-quality protein in premium animal feed formulations.

  • COMMODITY: Pakistan Steam Dried Fish Meal
  • English Name: Fish Dry Meal
  • Part Used: Fish Dry
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place protected from light
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years.
  • Packing: 50Kgs Bag
Free from Melamine, Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli and live insect pests.
Free from Mammal Bones and/or Mammal Bones slivers
FFA 5 - 8% AOAC940.28 (2019)
Ash 20% AOAC942.05 (2019)
Fat 10% AOAC948.04 (2019)
Moisture 10% Max ISO6496 (1999)
Protein 60 -65% ISO5983-2 (2009)
Sand & Silica 4% Max AOAC937.09 (2019)
Sand Alone 0.4% AOAC942.05+941.12 (C) (2019)
Histamine 443.00 ppm AOAC2012,977.13
TVBN 140 - 180 AOAC920.03 (1995)
Antioxidant (BHA/BHT) 200 ppm AOAC2012,983.15 (47.2.02)
Heavy Metals
Lead max 5 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Cadmium max 0.1 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Mercury max 0.5 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Arsenic max 2 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Cesium 134, 137 radionuclides - max 1.62x10(8) curie/kg (600 becquerels) AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Copper max 80 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)
Zinc max 100 mg/kg AOAC2015.01 (44.2.05)